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The Mayor's Role in Quality of Life-For ALL of Us

To Keep The Springs Magnificent

Sallie loves the outdoors and opportunities to enjoy Colorado scenery.
Sallie Clark loves the outdoors and especially hiking our area trails and enjoying our open spaces
Almost four decades have passed since my husband and I turned the corner onto West Pikes Peak Avenue and glimpsed the dilapidated house that is now our restored Victorian home and business near Old Colorado City (OCC). Whether you’re a Colorado Springs native, a newcomer to town or a longtime resident like me, this is one of the best places to live-with a backdrop like no other. America’s Mountain, arts, culture, open spaces, parks and trails and a healthy economy.
Like any growing city, we faced underlying issues that had to be addressed. While our home had historical significance, the foundation was crumbling. There were old, corroded and leaky water lines and a lot more that needed to be fixed.  It would have been cheaper to tear down and rebuild.  But our dream has always been more about building and rebuilding.  That’s what community is all about. 
I appreciate history and I believe that our future is brightest comes when it is built in harmony with our past.  As we looked for places to start a business, we were encouraged by Mayor Bob Isaac, Vice Mayor Leon Young and local historian Dave (Colonel) Hughes.  They were strong and effective champions for the rebuilding that has brought new life to the historic Westside.  Today, the Westside is thriving, with independent small businesses, shops, restaurants, a history museum, active trails and revitalized parks.
We each have our own stories of why we’re here and despite concerns with rising crime, homelessness, sprawl and a rising housing costs, we live in a magnificent city.  Just like our city’s founder, Gen. William Jackson Palmer and his overall vision of “America’s Playground”, we must be good stewards. As the only candidate in the mayor’s race with vast experience at all levels of government-local, state, and national, I bring a unique skillset to serve our city as Mayor.
I have the know-how and track record to leverage resources and support our parks, recreation and cultural services. When on City Council and as a County Commissioner, I championed pocket parks like Promontory Park, a small open space park on the Westside. When Red Rock Canyon was proposed for development, I supported the city’s acquisition by placing the TOPS renewal on the ballot and the purchase in partnership with the Trust for Public Land to preserve this local gem. I worked with State Parks on the development of Cheyenne Mountain State Park and the archery range as an added amenity. When faced with uncertainty, I initiated and approved a conservation easement over Bear Creek Regional Park to ensure long-term public use. When the future access of Jones Park was threatened, I collaborated with the US Forest Service on access. And when citizens approached me with concerns over graffiti and the environment surrounding Rainbow Falls, we worked together to acquire and create this historic public site. As a trails advocate, I led the County’s effort on the historic Ute Pass Regional Trail system, an important connection of the America the Beautiful Trail. And recently as a neighborhood leader, I worked alongside citizen advocates to keep the Westside Community Center open.
I will be a strong Mayor, leading our city with new ideas and the experience to get things done. I’ve been there before, and I’ll be there again, protecting Quality of Life-for ALL of us, as our Mayor.
Sallie Clark for Colorado Springs Mayor