Sallie Clark Mayor | Colorado Springs, CO

Sallie Clark,
Candidate for Colorado Springs Mayor,
Announces Support For Task Force
To Establish Critical Water Policy -

Water is precious to Colorado Springs and Sallie Clark believes future water planning is critical to growth management


Sallie Clark, candidate for Colorado Springs Mayor, announced today that within the first ninety (90) days of her term as Mayor, she will champion the task force/commission to study Colorado Springs water resources, which was endorsed by the Colorado Springs City Council on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023. Clark opposes local legislative action until sufficient stakeholder engagement and data is provided.

“Colorado Springs, along with the rest of the west is struggling with a drought. It makes sense to me for the leaders of our city to stop and study the future of water for our growing community. Cities throughout the southwest are forced to make hard decisions about water use because of the depleted Colorado River. Before Colorado Springs faces this dilemma, we should make a thoughtful plan. As Mayor I will only support local legislative solutions grounded in science and data and supported by stakeholders and citizens. I will draw on my relationships and experience with natural resource agencies and communities at the local, state and federal level and engage the citizens of Colorado Springs, to help craft a water solution for which current and future residents of Colorado Springs can be proud,” said Clark.

Sallie Clark

“What People Say About Sallie”

– Larry Small, Former Colorado Springs Vice Mayor and Executive Director of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District 
“Sallie Clark is the candidate who brings the most experience, track record and passion for public service to be our next Colorado Springs Mayor. Sallie and I worked together on transportation projects like I-25 and Cimarron interchange, parks and open space preservation such as Red Rock Canyon and importantly, the establishment of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District, which built the foundation for long term water storage and the Southern Delivery System. Sallie knows the process, engages with people, has established relationships and is always ready to step up to the plate to benefit our city and our region. We are lucky that Sallie is a candidate and we would be lucky to have her represent us as mayor of Colorado Springs. Sallie Clark is ethical, genuine and cares about the future of our community. She gets things done, and I’m proud to support her for Mayor.”

* Sallie Clark is seeking the position of Mayor of Colorado Springs currently held by retiring Mayor John Suthers.