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Sallie Clark participates in the ballot drawing for the April 4 2023 ballot and received the top #1 spot

Sallie Clark receives top #1 ballot position for April 2023 mayoral election and join Sallie at upcoming forums

Sallie Clark participated in the January 27th ballot drawing for the April 4, 2023 municipal election for mayor. Sallie received the #1 spot in the process, for the top line on the ballot. Join Sallie Clark at one of the many upcoming Mayoral Forums. [Click on Photo for Forum Dates]

Sallie Clark interviews with KOAA to discuss her vision in the Mayor of Colorado Springs
Sallie Clark interviews with KOAA News - Click on photo to view
Sallie Clark for Mayor interview with KKTV 11 News
Sallie Clark interviews virtually with KKTV 11 News-Click on photo to view
Sallie Clark appeared on North with Dirk Hobbs on a recent podcast to talk about the Mayor's race and Sallie's experience in leadership
Dirk Hobbs and Sallie Clark on North podcast - Click the photo to listen
Sallie Clark | Mayor | Colorado Springs, CO
Sallie Clark, candidate for Mayor of Colorado Springs announces her run for the upcoming city election to be held in April 2023.

Media Interviews and Podcasts

Sallie Clark, candidate for Mayor discusses her vision for Colorado Springs with Kyle Blakely on this podcast interview
Sallie Clark discusses her vision for Colorado Springs in this podcast with Kyle Blakely
Sallie Clark speaks at the press conference after passage of the Fountain Creek Watershed district legislation to improve Fountain Creek in partnership with Pueblo County and City

"What People Say About Sallie"

-Steve Bach, Former Colorado SprinFormer Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach endorses Sallie Clark for Mayorgs Mayor  


“This is to offer my strong endorsement of Sallie Clark to be our next Colorado Springs Mayor.  I have known Sallie well for decades and during my time as the city’s first elected Mayor in the new ‘Strong Mayor’ form of government, Sallie and I worked closely together on numerous important initiatives for the community including the Waldo Canyon Fire recovery.  This Is a critical moment for our community in public safety, affordable housing, and managed water resources.  Sallie is a person of high character and integrity with decades of experience leading our community forward for the benefit of everyone.” 

-Lorne Kramer, Former Police Chief and City Manager of Colorado Springs

"As the former City of Colorado Springs Chief of Police and City Manager, I appreciated working side-by-side with Sallie Clark as a neighborhood leader, city councilwoman and county commissioner. She has always been an advocate for our community and will look for solutions to our city's many challenges through collaborative approaches. Sallie's broad experience as a small business owner and her public service at the local, state and federal levels, will bring needed leadership in the areas of public safety, transportation, parks, and utilities, ensuring a positive future for Colorado Springs. Most importantly, I know Sallie cares deeply for Colorado Springs and would be a vigilant advocate for its future. I'm proud to support Sallie as the next mayor of our fine city."

-Jerry Heimlicher, Former City Councilmember

“In my six years on city council, I worked closely with Sallie on improving our city. I have never seen a more dedicated and hardworking champion for Colorado Springs. Sallie’s driving force has always been, ‘How can I improve government service for the citizens of Colorado Springs’. Her reason for running for election has always been and will continue to be making Colorado an even better place to live. Sallie will always put the needs of the people first and is the real deal – a proven leader. Sallie will always seek extensive input from citizens before she acts or recommends an action. Sallie has a proven record of championing Colorado Springs at the city, county, state and federal level.”

– Bernie Herpin, Former State Senator and City Council Member

“Sallie Clark has the experience, at multiple government levels, and dedication needed to lead Colorado Springs in these times of high inflation and crime. She fully supports our first responders and our rights.”

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-Brandy Williams, Former Colorado Springs City Councilmember At-large

“Sallie Clark proactively helped establish the Fountain Creek Watershed District, an entity that addresses water quality issues, improves drainage and protects our open space. The formation of this District was vital in ensuring the design, construction and completion of the Southern Delivery System, critical to our future water supply. Sallie was also a champion for the I-25 and Cimarron interchange, the new gateway to Colorado Springs which contributes both to a thriving downtown and the increased economic vitality of Old Colorado City. I’m proud to support Sallie Clark as the next Mayor of Colorado Springs.”

-Mary Bradfield, State Representative House District 21

“As a Navy wife, Sallie Clark understands firsthand, the sacrifices of our military families and veterans. As a community volunteer and elected official, she has been dedicated to helping organizations that support those who serve, and have served, our nation. Sallie is genuine in her commitment to helping others, fighting to keep our military economy strong and testifying before the legislature on military bills, to support this important cause. My support goes to Sallie Clark, someone who will bring her unique perspective to the City of Colorado Springs as Mayor.”

-Kent & Ruth Obee, Community Leaders and Parks Advocates

“For Mayor we believe Sallie Clark is clearly the best choice. She is to the right of us politically on some things, but she has a long resume of proven political experience and I am sure can fully handle the mayoral job from day one. Of particular importance to us is her strong record in support for parks and open space. She was an important City Council ally on the acquisition of the Red Rock Canyon open space and later pushed back as a County Commissioner when during the “Great Recession” one of her commission colleagues (also now running for Mayor) advocated selling county parkland to make up for a budgetary shortfall. Sallie capped this effort in a successful move to place a conservation easement on Bear Creek Park. Finally, with one or two minor exceptions, Sallie is not the developers’ chosen candidate.”

-Marsha Looper, Former State Representative House District 19

“The Fountain Creek Watershed District and Southern Delivery System are two of the most important projects for long term water sustainability and growth for the City of Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region. As the House Sponsor of the Fountain Creek Watershed Legislation, Sallie Clark was crucial for success of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) and Senate Bill 09-141, allowing for the creation of the Fountain Creek Watershed District. The passage of these two policies allowed for the advancement of the Southern Delivery System after decades of delays and failures. Sallie was involved in countless meetings with stakeholders, endless days and nights working on reasonable policy between municipalities, and fostering a collaboration between cities, counties and utility stakeholders. She is a fearless leader who has delivered the most substantial WATER successes for our region while a County Commissioner. On the other hand, her opponent, in 2008, voted against the IGA. If the IGA would have failed, the Fountain Creek Watershed and SDS projects were doomed, leaving the City of Colorado Springs and the region without a long term sustainable water supply. I have witnessed first hand the hard work, honesty and commitment, Sallie Clark brings to leadership, and I am honored to endorse Sallie Clark for Mayor of the great City of Colorado Springs.”

-John Hazlehurst, Former City Councilmember and Journalist

“I’ve known and admired Sallie Clark for many years, and am delighted to endorse her candidacy. I first met her when she was almost single-handedly fighting against the impending closure of Fire Station 3 on the Westside. She wasn’t a politician-just a young woman fighting for her neighborhood. Against all odds, she won. Since then, she has been a courageous, compassionate and powerful leader in our community. She’ll be a dynamic and capable mayor, devoted to the well-being of our city and its many neighborhoods. I would have endorsed her much earlier, but now that I’m no longer an active journalist, it’s no long inappropriate to do so. Go Sallie go!!!”

Jim Bensberg, Former Chairman, El Paso County Board of Commissioners

“Sallie is the best qualified candidate for Mayor this year. During our time together on the El Paso County Board of Commissioners, we weathered several fiscal challenges during economic downturns. She will be a thoughtful steward of taxpayer dollars.” 

-Mary Ellen McNally, Former Colorado Springs City Councilmember and Community Leader

“I have always appreciated Sallie Clark’s balanced and thoughtful approach to governing and supporting Colorado Springs. From her time on the City Council to the Board of County Commissioners, she has worked for the people, to ensure all voices are heard. I’m proud to endorse Sallie Clark as the next mayor of Colorado Springs.”

-Bill Murray, Colorado Springs City Councilman At-Large 

“Sallie Clark’s leadership, entrepreneurial skills, and dedication to our citizens and neighborhoods make her the ideal candidate for Mayor. She will work to support our parks, ensure that evacuation plans are transparent and we plan for future utility and water resources. As a strong mayor, Ms. Clark has both the ability and concern for our communities to ensure our voices are heard and is the best choice for Mayor of Colorado Springs.   Take the time to read her positions and story. I will be voting for Sallie Clark. Please join me!”

Paulette Greenberg –  Community Leader,  Philanthropist and Co-founder with her husband, David of The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance

“In the many years that I’ve known Sallie, her heart for public service has been evident in so many ways; as a council member, commissioner, state director of a federal agency and as a volunteer for numerous nonprofit organizations. Sallie and I worked together on the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Educational Day for two consecutive years and received a national award for the Best Go Red for Women in the USA, exceeding fundraising goals. Sallie works tirelessly for our community to support those in need and for valuable local causes. I’m proud to support Sallie Clark to be our next Mayor of Colorado Springs. She always knows the right things to say and do.”

-Marc Snyder, Former Mayor of Manitou Springs and State Representative House District 18

“In my position as the Mayor of Manitou Springs, I worked side-by-side then Commissioner Sallie Clark in one of the most devastating times in our small town, the flash flooding events that occurred as a result of the Waldo Canyon Fire. Sallie took the time to visit our community on a regular basis and fought successfully for needed recovery support from state and federal officials. Her ability to navigate through the political process was a blessing to our citizens and city. She will bring that needed knowledge serving as Mayor and the Colorado Springs residents will be well-served by her unique experience serving at all levels of government and in private business. My support goes to Sallie Clark as the next Mayor of Colorado Springs.”

-Amy Bach, Esq., Executive Director, United Policyholders

“As a county commissioner, Sallie Clark worked overtime to help constituents impacted by wildfires and flooding, and she didn’t stop when the disasters were no longer front page news. She stayed the course through the long term recovery, then focused on helping people adjust their insurance to be resilient to future disasters. Sallie is a true public servant with a good heart and a great work ethic.”

-Janak Joshi, Former State Representative House District 14 & 16

“I have known Sallie Clark for many years, and she has always put the people first. Sallie is a fighter and has the integrity and honesty to represent our city well. During my time in the State Legislature, she was a champion for Colorado Springs and is the only candidate with experience at all levels of government to serve as our Mayor, a job that is equivalent to the CEO of the City of Colorado Springs with the strong leadership we need. Her priorities are our priorities: Crime, homelessness and affordable housing. With her background as a military wife and a small business owner, she is also able to see government through a unique independent lens. My wife and I are voting for Sallie Clark, the best candidate to serve as our next Mayor and we ask you to join us by also casting your vote for Sallie.”

-Tim Leigh, Former Colorado Springs Councilmember At Large 

“Sallie would be a strong mayor who would disrupt convention and be a real change agent.”

-Richard Skorman, Former Colorado Springs Councilmember At Large and District 3

“While Sallie and I have not always agreed on some issues, we have worked well together on many important local efforts to benefit our community. I am particularly grateful to Sallie for being instrumental in the formation of the Fountain Creek Watershed District that allowed Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) to double its water capacity through the Southern Delivery System (SDS). She was a strong and key supporter of protecting Red Rock Canyon and Bear Creek Park from development. And, she was tireless in her efforts to bring badly needed restoration money to the Waldo Canyon burn scar.”

– Keith McCafferty, Former Mayor, Town of Ramah

“Sallie Clark has the experience Colorado Springs NEEDS. At local, state and national levels, Sallie Clark’s leadership skills have brought her to the campaign for Mayor of Colorado Springs. I served alongside Sallie Clark during her time as an El Paso County Commissioner when I served on the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) Board representing the Town of Ramah as Mayor, on the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Board, the initial EMS Board and as Chair of the Community Development Advisory Board. Sallie’s cool in a crunch; anyone remember Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires? She was there for us, fighting for recovery support from State and Federal agencies. Sallie Clark served the entire county with dignity and honor and she is the next Mayor Colorado Springs deserves and needs.”

– Melissa Roybal, El Paso County Deputy Sheriff (Ret.) 

“Sallie has always been there and working tirelessly for public safety. During her years as a commissioner, she championed the establishment of a detox center to reduce jail overcrowding and reduce the financial and physical stress on the hospital emergency rooms. Whether it was support for our wildland fire team and fire districts, emergency management, our 9-1-1 dispatchers, or ensuring our Sheriff’s Office had the necessary resources, Sallie Clark was there. Colorado Springs is lucky to have her as a candidate and will be even more lucky to have Sallie Clark as Mayor.”

– Shanti Toll, Open Space Advocate

“Through the years, I’ve known Sallie Clark as my neighbor, an elected official and an advocate for parks, trails and open spaces. She has a proven track record of supporting trails and open spaces, including her work to save Red Rock Canyon Open Space, the Bear Creek Park Conservation Easement, the purchase and restoration of Rainbow Falls Historic site and Jones Park preservation. I think it’s important to support Sallie Clark as our next Mayor to maintain our quality of life in Colorado Springs and protect the urban-wildland interface.”

– Lynn Pelz, Marketing/Public Relations/Development Professional

“I have been a resident of/advocate for Colorado Springs since 1971 and had the opportunity to initially connect with Sallie Clark during my time in leadership at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce in the 90s. She continues to contribute at high levels and is unwavering in her devotion to the Pikes Peak region! I am grateful that Sallie is running for Mayor. She is a successful business owner; has served at local, state and national levels of government; has a record of achieving goals with a collaborative focus; and will maintain and enhance our city’s world-class reputation. Her priorities are spot on: addressing crime, infrastructure, homelessness, education and the economy among so many others. Elect Sallie Clark…her credentials are stellar for service as our next Mayor.” 

– Paul Paradis, Business Owner, Paradise Sales Firearms

“Sallie Clark has been a consistent supporter of our personal freedoms and free market practices. Sallie creates a level playing field, fairness and a balance to find common-sense solutions. She supports all our rights and will ensure that criminals are taken off the street.” 

– Jill Gaebler, Former Colorado Springs Councilmember

“Sallie is a collaborative leader, who listens, supports and works hard to find shared successes for all constituents and communities.”

– Lorrie Worthey, Former Mayor of Green Mountain Falls

“You get to know a lot about a person in a crisis. When the Waldo Canyon Fire started, Sallie personally reached out to Green Mountain Falls to offer support. She arranged a tour of the Emergency Operations Center so our small town would feel connected in light of evacuation orders and the closure of Highway 24. Sallie’s advocacy for the region continued after the fire, combatting dangerous flash flooding and invited our small community a seat at the table with the Waldo Canyon Regional Recovery Group, which she led with the City of Colorado Springs, to ensure we received our fair share of local, state and federal funding. I’m proud to endorse Sallie Clark. She sees the big picture while still being able to understand the details and she cares about all citizens and getting things done for the good of our community. Join me in supporting Sallie Clark as the next mayor of Colorado Springs.”

– Former State Senator Ed Jones and BJ Jones

“We care about our community and carefully consider leadership and political knowledge and Sallie fills the bill. The 2023 Mayor’s race will determine the future of our beautiful city and that is why we are proud to support Sallie Clark. Her vision for our city and her political leadership will lead the citizens of Colorado Springs into the future. Sallie has the vision, skillset and experience at all levels of government and her business knowledge of our community will lead our city with positive outcomes: homelessness, affordable housing and public safety, just to name a few. We ask you to join us in supporting Sallie to represent us as our 42nd Mayor.”

– Evelyn Lim, Former Region VIII Administrator, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Former Deputy Chief of Staff at the Department of Homeland Security

“I’m proud to support Sallie Clark for Mayor of Colorado Springs. During our time serving together at the national level, Sallie worked with Colorado communities as the State Director for the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development, managing seven offices across the state. In collaboration with our office at Housing and Urban Development (HUD), she coordinated statewide housing forums to discuss economic development and Opportunity Zones, affordable housing and ideas to reduce homelessness. Sallie’s passion and compassion for people as well as her leadership skills, sets her apart from others. Sallie is a ‘go-to’ person who looks for solutions, understands the inner workings of government and follows through on community initiatives. You can count on her to be a great mayor of Colorado Springs and I’m honored to endorse Sallie Clark.”

– Don Knight, Former Colorado Springs City Councilmember

“While on Colorado Springs City Council, my #1 priority was to protect the character and safety of your neighborhood from overdevelopment. In working with Sallie Clark over the years, I know she has and will continue to do the same. She sees what our community can be and follows through. Sallie and her husband established a business in 1986 near Old Colorado City, saving a now beautiful Victorian house from demolition and restoring three turn of the century homes. She began her step into public service as an advocate to save Fire Station 3 on the historic Westside to keep response times low and has continued her support of both fire and law enforcement in elected office. As a Councilmember, I also learned the importance of having a Mayor with national level experience to help keep the history, scenic beauty and culture of the Pikes Peak region. As the only candidate to have served at the Federal level, I’m proud to endorse Sallie Clark as the right choice; at the right time; as our next Mayor of Colorado Springs.”

– Sandra Damron, Former El Paso County Treasurer, C.P.A. (Ret.)

“As El Paso County Treasurer, I had the pleasure of working alongside Sallie who was the commissioner liaison to my office. From the very beginning of her involvement in local issues as a citizen fighting to save an important fire station, she has been dedicated to serving taxpayers. As a small business owner, she understands the seriousness of meeting payroll. Business owners and taxpayers can count on her to protect their interests. I’m proud to support Sallie Clark for Mayor of Colorado Springs.”

– Larry Small, Former Colorado Springs Vice Mayor and Executive Director of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District

“Sallie Clark is the candidate who brings the most experience, track record and passion for public service to be our next Colorado Springs Mayor. Sallie and I worked together on transportation projects like I-25 and Cimarron interchange, parks and open space preservation such as Red Rock Canyon and importantly, the establishment of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control and Greenway District, which built the foundation for long term water storage and the Southern Delivery System. Sallie knows the process, engages with people, has established relationships and is always ready to step up to the plate to benefit our city and our region. We are lucky that Sallie is a candidate and we would be lucky to have her represent us as mayor of Colorado Springs. Sallie Clark is ethical, genuine and cares about the future of our community. She gets things done, and I’m proud to support her for Mayor.”

– Nicole Nicoletta, Former Mayor of the City of Manitou Springs

“When Sallie Clark served on the Board of Commissioners, she was a strong advocate for regional cooperation. As the Mayor of Manitou, I saw first-hand, Sallie’s passion for helping others, from park clean-up projects like Rainbow Falls to fighting for complicated multi-jurisdictional road and safety improvements. Colorado Springs would be fortunate to have a dedicated and knowledgeable mayor like Sallie to look for solutions to difficult problems. She brings vast experience working with all levels of government, businesses, neighborhoods and local organizations to get things done. I am proud to support Sallie Clark.”

– Mark Lowderman,  Former El Paso County Assessor and El Paso County Treasurer

“I’ve known Sallie Clark for many years. First, when I was the El Paso County Assessor, and then as the El Paso County Treasurer. She’s a dedicated public servant who puts people first and understands the importance of working in the best interest of taxpayers. As a longtime independent businessperson with decades of experience in government, she knows first-hand what it’s like to write a paycheck and the importance of reducing burdensome government regulations. My support and endorsement go to Sallie Clark, the best candidate for mayor of Colorado Springs.”

–Judith Rice-Jones, Neighborhood Advocate

“As one who believes that neighborhoods are the building blocks of a successful community, appreciate Sallie’s long term commitment to her neighborhood and her many successful efforts to preserve its history and character. Also value her extensive government service in a multiplicity of positions which would facilitate her work across multiple levels of governments in seeking funding and addressing the multi-jurisdictional issues which confront us.”

–Erick J. Coolidge, Tioga County Commissioner and Past State President of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

“Although I live in Pennsylvania, Sallie Clark is a name I know. Having served as a longtime County Commissioner, meeting Sallie a number of years ago it was clear that the National Association of Counties (NACo) had a leader to represent our interest as members of NACo. As State President of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, it was my privilege to welcome Sallie to our fall conference. Sallie’s words, addressing our conference, were in reference to service to others, not about self; which is why it is my pleasure to acknowledge that Sallie Clark is a leader and Colorado Springs will be well served when she is elected Mayor.”

–Theresa Null, Former School District 11 Board Member 

“Sallie Clark listens and works towards solutions. She has brought disparate groups together to ensure all voices are heard and considered. I look forward to Sallie Clark being our mayor!”

–Marcy Morrison, Former State Representative House District 18, CO State Insurance Commissioner, Mayor of Manitou Springs and County Commissioner

“Over the years, I’ve personally worked with Sallie on many regional projects, including the Westside Avenue Action Plan, an undertaking that greatly improved the safety, lighting, drainage, and streetscape in the area, known as “No Man’s Land”, a forgotten stretch of roadway between Colorado Springs and Manitou. Because of Sallie’s dedication to her constituents, this area is now an economic development opportunity. Without Sallie Clark’s persistence, this might not have happened. I am proud to endorse Sallie Clark, a proven leader who gets things done. I know that she will bring people together to solve complex issues.”