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Sallie Clark endorses Yemi Mobolade for mayor
Sallie Clark is a longtime small business owner, elected official and community volunteer in Colorado Springs


Thank you!!! to my supporters and the voters of Colorado Springs for placing your trust in me. I appreciate the thousands of citizens who voted in this important city election. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all who worked so hard on my behalf. We ran a spirited and professional campaign and nearly made it! This could not have been possible without your tremendous outpouring of support.

To all my contributors, whether  volunteer, financial, or both, you helped make our efforts possible. To my team of volunteers: walking blocks, delivering and installing signs, and overall enthusiasm with our GOTV efforts, words cannot express my appreciation.

We ran a campaign based on issues: reducing crime, addressing homelessness, increasing affordable housing and maintaining our quality of life here in Colorado Springs. It was truly an incredible experience, and I am so proud of all of you on our team.

Although this ends one chapter for the future of Colorado Springs, new pages are yet to be written. Please keep in touch and know that I am grateful for your friendship and support.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Sallie Clark



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April 27, 2023: After much thought, I felt it was important for me to take a position on the Mayor's race for the future of our city. Today, I formally endorsed Yemi Mobolade in the runoff race for Mayor.

Read my remarks below: 

● Thank you for being here today.
● As we gather in front of City Hall with less than three weeks until the May 16 runoff election, I’m excited to be here for this important announcement. But first, I wanted to say a few words about my journey to this point.
● As I reflect on the last sixth months, I’m extremely proud of the campaign my team and I ran. We ran a spirited and professional campaign, and we engaged tens of thousands of residents, helping to elevate important conversations about the issues – reducing crime, addressing homelessness, increasing affordable housing, and maintaining our quality of life here in Colorado Springs.
● It was truly an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful for the support of so many Colorado Springs residents who volunteered, donated, and voted for me in the general election.
● However, my commitment to Colorado Springs didn’t end because my mayoral bid did and those of you who know me, know that I am someone who keeps on going. And my husband can attest to that. In fact, we know there’s still so much more work to be done in our city. And that’s why I’m proudly endorsing Yemi Mobolade for mayor of Colorado Springs.
● Yemi and I met many times throughout the campaign, whether at debates or community events, and I admired his friendly demeanor, respect for all the candidates, and his refreshing commitment to running a positive campaign based on facts, optimism and solutions-definitely a fresh perspective and unique strategy in this particular election season! After the election, Yemi and I met and discussed his priorities, and they most mirror mine, to keep Colorado Springs beautiful, far into the future. In local government, it’s about finding using adaptive leadership, bringing citizens to the table and finding common ground on difficult issues to solve problems and plan for the future of our amazing community. The Waldo Canyon Fire showed us that first-hand in that fire has no boundaries and our community came together for one common purpose of recovery and resiliency.
● We’re both ordinary citizens with a tremendous desire to be servant leaders. My service to our city began when our neighborhood fought together to save our fire station and Yemi’s when he helped co-found C-O-S I LOVE YOU – an organization that embraced our faith-based and nonprofit community, to take on our city’s toughest challenges in partnership with government. He has a track record of bringing people to the table to solve complex problems and will put his experience to work for us, and open the doors to city government.  
● What has impressed me about Yemi is his supporters come from all walks of life, and he understands that running a city is about getting things done. Yemi has an incredible story of self-determination, of faith, of moral character, and living the American dream. He and his wife Abbey, have strong family values, and that’s also important to me. As a fellow business entrepreneur, Yemi is the only one in this race that will look at government with a fresh perspective, that I trust will address the issues impacting our families with a collaborative vision and “get it done” business point of view.
● Yemi is the only choice in this race that I believe has the strong leadership skills and willingness to challenge the status quo. His only special interest is the special interest of serving the people and leading Colorado Springs to a positive future with defined solutions.
● And Yemi is the only choice I believe who has the experience to solve the problems facing our residents and who is committed to building resilient and strong neighborhoods in our magnificent city.
● As voters take a look at their ballots for the runoff election, I encourage you to join me and vote for Yemi by May 16th, by mail or by dropping off your ballot in person.
● Folks, what’s on the ballot in this election is trust. Who do you trust to represent your neighborhood? Who do you trust to fight for your families? Who do you trust to lead with integrity and solid moral character? Who will challenge the status quo and look for new ways to deliver critical city services and put our safety first? Colorado Springs residents, you have that choice in the election, and Yemi is the only candidate I trust to take on our challenges and tell you the truth as our mayor.
● So please vote in this election and join me by casting your vote for Yemi Mobolade as our next mayor of Colorado Springs. Yemi is the right choice at the right time.